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The American Athletic Institute is a Sport Consulting Firm that is committed to helping people both in and out of sport.  We provide programs and services that are designed to help the athlete and non-athlete alike.  Whether it is in a proactive capacity or in response to a specific problem or incident the American Athletic Institute can offer valuable insight, education and strategies to administrators, coaches and athletes on a vast array of issues ranging from Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Hazing and Sportsmanship to Youth Sport and Childhood Obesity.   

The American Athletic Institute’s primary focus is the education of athletes on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Our presenters are substance abuse professionals who were also once professional and world class athletes.  It is this combination of experience coupled with our own scientific research that makes us unique in the prevention/education field and the world of sport.  We understand athletes, the dangers of drugs and the volatile mix the two present when combined.

We want to present the most pertinent prevention/intervention information to selected audiences in a manner that will effect positive change.  To achieve this objective, the staff at the American Athletic Institute is dedicated to creating and providing quality educational-training programs that address the ever changing; needs of people and norms of society, both in and out of sport.

The American Athletic Institute's Board is made up of a select group of people with varying backgrounds and experiences; with excellence being one common denominator: Professional Athletes, World Champion Athletes, International Level Coaches, Olympic Coaches, College Coaches, High School Coaches, Teachers, Professors,  School Counselors, Administrators, Doctors, Nurses, Criminologists, Sociologists, Physiologists, Psychologists, Law Enforcement, Prevention Educators, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors, … This TEAM allows the American Athletic Institute to be the authority in sport consultation.


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