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Michael S. Taheri, Esq.

MichaelMichael S. Taheri, Esq., has been a criminal defense attorney in Buffalo, New York for nearly twenty years.  During that time, he has represented high school and college student-athletes in the criminal justice system and in school disciplinary matters.  He also has represented professional athletes in criminal court.  In addition to his work at the law firm of Taheri & Todoro, P.C., in Buffalo, New York, Michael is an instructor at the University at Buffalo Law School, where he teaches courses on DWI law, white collar crime, and law firm management.  He has made several presentations to college and high school student-athletes regarding the criminal justice system and the potential impact of “risky behavior” on their lives and athletic careers.  He received his juris doctorate from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

Mr. Taheri is the author of The Student-Athlete’s Guide to the Criminal Justice System and has published several other legal works.



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