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Bringing to Life a Piece of Paper

Every school year, thousands of college student athletes across the country sign a code of conduct.  This is done with the hope and expectations that chemical health violations and other behaviors of concern will be brought into check.  However, for the most part student codes of conduct are poorly written which can lead to nullification either in the courts or simply through strong dispute.  Not only is a poorly written code a concern but a well written code can have just as many problems if the people charged with enforcing the code do not apply the rules and regulations fairly and without prejudice.  Data collected by the NCAA shows that athlete alcohol use is actually higher than general student population use in the first two years of college.  Some of the problem can be attributed to ineffective codes of conduct.

A well written and properly enforced code of conduct can and does work.  The American Athletic Institute’s “College Codes of Conduct-Conditions for Involvement” has helped colleges begin the process of rewriting their codes for today’s challenges, while sending a clear message to the college community, youth and adults that student athlete drug use and other out of character behavior will not be tolerated. This workshop will help attendees discover the purpose of a code, code components and valuable examples of clear and consistent boundaries to guide student athletes toward adulthood in a program of excellence.  



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