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Physical health, mental health, public relations, funding, sponsorship, team chemistry, trust, reputation, legacy, … these are just some of the collective and individual things that performance enhancing drugs can destroy.  

Too put it simply performance enhancing drugs (PEDS) are compromised of two categories steroids and supplements.  Both are dangerous; steroids because of their known side effects: 

Acne, Aggression, Anaphylactic Shock, Birth Defects, Blood clotting Changes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Depression, Gynecomastia, Hair loss, Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Immune System Changes, Kidney Stress, Liver Stress/Damage, Prostate Enlargement, Sexual Dysfunction, Stunted Growth, Testicular Atrophy, Water and Salt Retention, Virlization….
and supplements because of there unknown contents:
The International Olympic Committee tested 240 over the counter supplements taken from stores in the United States and found that 45 or 18.8 % were found to contain varying amounts of anabolic androgenic steroids. 

The American Athletic Institute will give a true depiction of the problem that is Performance Enhancing Drugs: informative data on use, health related risks, warning signs, and how use can rapidly spread throughout a team, fueled by hype and exaggerated perceptions. We speak not only about the harsh medical consequences that come with using steroids and PEDs but also the legal, social, professional, and eligibility ramifications.



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