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Tobacco use, including cigarette smoking, cigar smoking, and smokeless tobacco use, is the single leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Each year smoking causes approximately 435,000 premature deaths and over 5 million years of potential life lost. Every day, approximately 4,000 American youth aged 12-17 try their first cigarette. If current patterns of smoking behavior continue, an estimated 6.4 million of today's children can be expected to die prematurely from a smoking-related disease. In 2005, 23% of high schools students reported current cigarette use and 14% reported current cigar use. In addition, 8% of high school students and 18% of white male high school students reported current smokeless tobacco use. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

The American Athletic Institute’s Tobacco presentation illustrates the negative physical, psychological and physiological effects of tobacco.  This is successful because the presentation is designed to tap into not only the individual’s athletic motivation but also address the concept of team and collective responsibility all of which are in step with Hansen’s Social Ecology Theory.

Our presenters are substance abuse professionals who were also once professional and world class athletes.  It is this combination of experience coupled with our research, and attention to detail that makes us unique in the prevention/education field and the world of sport.  We understand athletes, the dangers of drugs and the volatile mix the two present when combined.

Our presentation is designed to educate an athlete in order for them to obtain optimum athletic potential.  This program can help reduce injury, allow for quicker recovery, better muscle development, gained training effect; in brief, produce better athletes, better performances thus better teams. 



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