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The American Athletic Institute’s Life of an Athlete prevention/intervention series is a five step high school program designed to confront chemical health issues and impact the problems that face today’s student-athlete.  Through a New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) mandate AAI trains every school district in New York State in this very important curriculum.  This program is currently being incorporated into many other prevention efforts in states throughout the country. Below are brief descriptions of this five phase plan.  For more information, please contact us.   

Phase #1 - Pre Season Meetings for Entry Level Athletes and Parents
How school districts can establish mandatory seasonal meetings to discuss conditions for involvement, expectations, philosophy and what it means to be an athlete.  This program allows you to impact the majority of your entire student body and most importantly the parents. Athletics is the largest target population that exists in any school.

Phase #2 - Athletic Codes of Conduct Conditions for Involvement
This program assists a school in bringing a code of conduct from conceptualization to implementation and enforcement.  This program includes strategies for fan behavior, parental issues, and the seven non-negotiable conditions for involvement to partake in high school athletics. 

Phase #3 - Coaching Effectiveness Training
A statewide training of all coaches at all levels to understand and confront chemical health issues for today’s student athlete. Training includes the use of the document “Greatest Threat.” which helps a coach impact his/her team with valuable lessons against drug use. Affords any coach a perspective of the present day problem and how they can impact it.

Phase #4 - Developing Leadership to Confront Behaviors of Concern
This workshop develops student leaders by teaching them what it means to be a leader, how to confront their peers with behaviors of concern and if necessary to take matters that merit immediate action or continual issues to an adult authority.

Phase #5 - Stakeholder Unity
This fifth and final step in Life of an Athlete is to ensure that all members of the community take stake in eliminating drug and alcohol use among youth.  Only by coordinating our efforts and empowering all stakeholders to take a “many messengers with the same message” approach can we ensure that individuals receive that message.  



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