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For High School Athletes

Alcohol and Sleep

I often find that, if I have been drinking, I sleep badly and wake early or wake feeling less rested. Why is this?

This is a common problem. Though many people associate alcohol with promoting sleep, due to its sedative properties, the effects of alcohol upon chemicals in the brain mean that you are more likely to have a fitful night’s sleep that is far from optimal..


Fastest Way To Success----- Not Alcohol

One of the world’s top endurance coaches in history, Antti Leppavuori, from Finland, talked about ways of improving performance. The easiest way, above any, other than training, was to lose weight or gain lean body mass; versus maintaining body fat at levels which decrease efficiency of most physiological systems. He mentioned he had lost 10 kilograms and he did look fit. He stated that losing weight was the easiest way to gain increased results.


The Way We Were

I came across a photo of Jesse Owens this week (note the cinders still in the air and he is three meters down the track) and despite knowing the history of both his talent and accomplishments, I still marveled in awe at his absolute dominance of any competition during his career. When we sometimes look at these amazing individuals we say things like “he was ahead of his time” or “he was one in a million.”


For Coaches/Schools

What's It All About?

What is the purpose in athletics for youth? What are we trying to achieve? Why is it important to assess our effectiveness? These are important questions to answer. The basis for “The Life of an Athlete “, are listed below in six core areas. Examine each area and think how they relate to the programs you offer in your school district.


Alternatives to Drug Testing

In the wake of last year's steroid scandals, several states allocated funding for drug testing for high school athletes. Already, however, one of those states has decided to discontinue testing, and another state is considering putting a halt to its program as well.


Think Before You Jump!

Millions spent to deter drug use by high school athletes… Desperate measures in desperate times by desperate people. In the wake of last years’ steroid scandals, several states allocated funding for drug testing for high school athletes. The purpose of this article is to examine the issues of use and suggest some possible alternatives.


80 Hour Alcohol Test

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What if you had to prove whether a student athlete had consumed alcohol or not? Most administrators don’t know it, but alcohol use can be detected for up to 80 hours after consumption with a simple urine test, called the EtG Test.


Red and Yellow Warning Cards


"Your Opinion Matters" Survey


Senior Exit Interviews

Many school districts have followed our lead and are conducting senior exit interviews which help you gain much needed information about your programs. The information helps us to address behaviors of concern. This process is worth the effort in the last weeks of school.



For Parent/Community Members

Supervisory Capacity For Adults

Pressures and opportunities for children to be involved in drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse has increased to crisis proportions during recent decades. Unsupervised social interaction and unknowledgeable adult leadership including adult social drug use have contributed to the problem. Because the adult vigilant supervision of youth is critical during the school years and the role modeling of adults has been shown to greatly impact youth, we must address adult drug use while in the care of students.




For Coaches

Student Factors: Understanding Individual Variation in College Drinking

By John S. Baer

Objective: Research on individual differences in drinking rates and associated problems among college students is reviewed. Method: Studies are included if completed within U.S. college and university samples and found in published scientific literature as identified by several searches of national databases. Results: The resulting review suggests first that the extant literature is large and varied in quality, as most studies use questionnaire responses from samples of convenience in cross-sectional designs.


Wasted Days/Collegiate Athletes and Underage Drinking COLLEGE DATA (This can be your athletes…)


To ALL Collegiate Athletic Directors, Coaches and Prevention Specialists

On the Collegiate level, the use rates for recreational drugs are off the charts. The NCAA 2001 study indicated that 79.5% of NCAA athletes drink alcohol and 27.3% use marijuana. Use rates in one particular sport were 95.6% for alcohol and 60.8% for marijuana. The NCAA has conducted several studies in the past decade and although awareness has increased, the use rates have remained relatively constant. Prevention specialists have failed to realize the magnitude of possibilities that exist in working with this enormous target population.


AAI College Code

The purpose of this policy is to make student-athletes and the public aware of the existence of the ___________________ Intercollegiate Athletics Behavioral Standards. The purpose of this document is to establish standards of behavior for student athletes, as clear and consistent boundaries to deter behaviors of concern, criminal actions and insure the health, wellbeing and safety of all individuals.


For College Athletes

College Athletes Who Choose To Drink

Athletes who choose to consume alcohol, despite knowledge of the negative effects on performance in competition, training and recovery should consider:




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Germaine Labs

80 Hour Alcohol Test

Our New Partners at Germaine Labs

have developed a New 80 Hour Test for Alcohol.







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