The American Athletic Institute has worked at all levels of sport and with some of the premier sport organizations in the world.  Please view our client list but also please read some of the testimonials that include letters from parents and children as well as those involved in high profile sport.  



Pre-draft meetings Orlando, Florida

The NBA is at the forefront of professional sport in its proactive approach toward Player Development. At the NBA's pre-draft meetings, the American Athletic Institute presented their Pure Performance program to Player Development Personnel from all 30 NBA franchises. Reaction has been extremely positive and we look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with both the NBA and its member clubs.


Dear AAI:

AAI’s presentation to our players and staff was extremely informative and thought provoking.  The message is conveyed in a manner that forces an individual to take stock on how they are approaching their career; not only as an individual but also as a member of a TEAM.   The Best program we have had all season, our guys loved it! 


Michael Crotty

Director, Player Development

Boston Celtics


Washington Wizards

Dear AAI,

Please accept this late thank you for your outstanding presentation last week.  It truly made an impression on all our players and coaches – it was exactly as I had envisioned and I think the information will help our players tremendously when making social decisions.  Getting that information to our guys as training camp started definitely established a starting line in all of our minds!

Feel free to use me as a reference and resource – I am definitely interested in any updated information you add to the presentation moving forward.


Tommy Sheppard

Director, Player Development

Washington Wizards




Dear AAI,

I have gotten a steady flow of feedback from student-athletes since your presentation last week. Without a doubt, the overall consensus is very good!

This morning, I also received an e-mail from one of our athletes telling me that he was at a party this weekend where a couple of his teammates who normally drink, decided NOT to drink this time. When they were asked if it was because of your presentation, they said YES.

I was excited by that, because that team tends to be some of the hardest to reach guys...but apparently you affected them.

Thanks again for your time here.

Leah Thomas

Director of Sports Performance Programs



Dear AAI,

Your presentation on alcohol use with athletes was excellent.   Because your material is based on quantiative fact, and not just opinion, it was not only educational but extremely convincing.  Thank you very much for speaking at our convention.   Guy

Guy Gadowsky

Head Coach

Men's Hockey

Princeton University



Dear AAI,

I continue to receive rave reviews about your presentation from colleagues, students, and community members. 

All the best,

Meg Hancock

Academic Advisor/CHAMPS Life Skills Coordinator

Dear AAI:

I know this is way overdue, but I wanted to thank you for the presentation you made at the University of --------- this fall.  My name is, --------- --------- and I am a Sophomore on the track team- a heptathlete on top of that.  Since your presentation, talk around the locker room has switched from “Are you ready to get wasted this weekend?” to “If I drink at all this weekend… I don’t want to drink very much…”  CLick here to continue.


Dear AAI,

Your Pure Performance presentation was the best program I have ever seen both as a player and as a coach.  It's the only program that truly bridges the gap and makes a true connection between Life Skills and Athletics.

Thank you,

Patrick Carey

Head Coach

Iona Baseball

Dear AAI:

Sorry to take so long to send you this. I really enjoyed
hearing your talk here a week or so ago. I have heard many in my day and yours unquestionably was one of the best. Keep up the good work!

CHEERS! - Jack

Jack Warner Cross-Country Coach

Hobart Wm. Smith College
USA Track and Field Hall of Fame Member

Dear AAI:

Good morning! I checked my email and was thrilled to have received a message from my daughter, who is a freshman at ______________, as well as playing Field Hockey. I am passing on to you part of her email...and my gratitude. My sincere thanks for the work you are doing. _____________. (An NCAA Mother)

An Email from an NCAA Athlete to home: Click here to read letter


Dear AAI,

Each of our 17 teams was asked to reflect the opinions of their teammates
not just their own concerning the impact of your presentation:

*  The most common fact that stood out was "One night of drinking
causes you to lose 14 days of training".

*  75% of the teams had a team discussion after the presentation and
decided to either cut down or completely eliminate alcohol.

*  Average score given to the presentation was a 8.35 (on a scale of
1-10 with 10 being the best - SAAC officers felt this was a great score
because their response was that they have all heard the alcohol talk before
but this was not the typical speech). There were those that indicated they
would like to hear the speech again because of the amount of valuable
information presented and they were not able to absorb all of it.

As a senior staff we continue to have conversations on ways to carry on your
message and continue to educate our student-athletes. We are now looking at
ways to expand this program and target our student-athletes. Thanks again
for making the trip to _____________. It was a pleasure meeting you and
having you on our campus. Your presentation has made a positive impact.

Division 1 NCAA University
Associate Athletic Director
Senior Administrator for Women's Athletics





Thanks for making a difference.  I was at your presentation last week in Green Bay and walked away empowered by your presentation.  I am disappointed that I can not attend your session in Lake Placid.


I am 100% percent behind your program and am taking steps to implement at our school.  I am the head varsity football coach at Xavier High School and am already using information from your presentation to help our student-athletes. 


On a personal side I greatly respect how you are leading your life.  I greatly respect your desire to help kids.  At the end of the day you are making significant difference in the positive development of children into their adult lives.  I am continously looking for ways to better prepare my players for life.  Thank you for helping me do my job better.




Dave Hinkens

Head Varsity Football Coach

Xavier High School



I thought you presentations were excellent ( I attended all three). The points you made and examples and situations you spoke of "hit the nail right on the head". I felt the three hours I spent listening to you were very inspiring. For someone like myself who has been at this job for 35+ years, it was so refreshing to hear someone speak of "raising the bar" for student expectations. So often we are told that kids are different today, which they are, but it does not mean we can not hold them accountable for their actions and behaviors.

Thank You

John Polzin
Athletic Director
Deerfield High School



Words can not describe my appreciation for all you have done to make this program tonight a huge success! Your presentation was informative, real, and very relevant to our students and parents.

I thank you for working so diligently to support this endeavor across America. As we all know, change occurs over time and in this case the earlier we can bring the message of drugs and alcohol's negative effects to our middle schoolers and high schoolers the better off we will be in the long run. Your presentation was important because it was not only the effects on the mind but on their athletic performance as well! Simply - thank you!

Grenardo L. Avellino

Executive Principal

Liverpool High School



Just finished reading the Code of Conduct article in the NFHS High School Today magazine.

What a great job.  Your work with Code of Conduct has always impressed me.  You have provided yet another useful tool for athletic administrators to work more effectively with their student athletes.

These types of things are always appreciated.


Nina Van Erk

Executive Director




You have really made a positive impact on these girls and myself.  You are very inspiring.  I appreciate the time you made for us, at Mitchell, NE.  I look forward to learning more about your program, and being able to impact others as you have done.  Thanks again. 

Michelle Peters

Mitchell Volleyball

Mitchell, NE


What an awesome job on the national audio conference call yesterday....Rarely do I get e-mails from folks immediately following a call saying how much they enjoyed the presenters and the information given and I had several. Keep up the good work on the research and the programs you both are doing and Stay in touch.

William B. Patterson Jr.
Senior Program Manager for Law Enforcement OJJDP's Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation


Good Teams or Good Times

Figuring it Out, When It’s Too Late.  

By: Alan Sharpe

An excerpt from a high school student's essay

John, will not be with the us the remainder of the season, and we will be pulling up a replacement from the jv squad.” “What?!!!” “That's bull” “Are you serious?!” comments from everywhere erupted, but Coach continued through them, “Two days ago John was charged with possession of marijuana, and had a six pack of,” I honestly believed that for the first time in front of a team Coach began to tear up, “beer in his car when he was pulled over for going through a st……” click here to continue


Dear AAI:

Thank you for speaking to our youth on Thursday night. Your frankness and truthfulness definitely had an impact on some of the athletes. My daughter has always been the oddball out in basketball and softball because of me,her mom. I always check in and ask questions and expect her to follow the rules. The other girls always say I am not being her friend,I don't want her to have fun,etc. So last night after she said, "Thanks for being my mom and not my friend",was something I never expected to hear until after her college years or first child. So our conversation revolved around the damage she could have done to her body and brain if she had gone along with the crowd and not my rules. She understood the amount of love it required to be tough....
Barbara LeClair


Dear AAI,

.................................. The scientific evidence you provided certainly hit home with me and I’m sure the other coaches as well.  After the presentation, many of us found ourselves talking about our playing days.   What if we had known about this when we played in college, how much did it take away from our performance, how good could we have been?  All questions we can only speculate on now.  But I certainly think we can help the youth of today with your studies and facts. READ MORE


Keith Paulsen

Physical Education Instructor-Rice Lake Middle School

Head Varsity Hockey Coach


Dear AAI-

I wanted to write and thank you for the opportunity to hear your message yesterday and for sharing it with our students today. I had 4 or 5 teachers come to me during their lunch period and say it was the best assembly we have had at our school. To be able to see the effects that alcohol and drugs have on the brain really helps to sell your message.

Looking forward to seeing you in the fall.

Wally Hitchcock A.D.
Lawton High School, Michigan

Dear AAI:

It was quite an eye opening experience yesterday that the Section
3 AD's meeting. I knew that there was an effect from alcohol and
drugs on the body, however I had no idea that it was so dramatic.
Thank you for opening my eyes, and I will be using the information in teaching my coaches and athletes.

Thank you for your time and all of you work in this area. It will truly change the thinking of many.

Mark Lybolt
Athletic Director
Whitesboro Central School




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